Guidelines for Authors

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Languages: German, English, French and Italian. All other European languages will be accepted under the condition that they include an extensive summary in German, English or French.

Formatting: as doc, docx, rtf or odt If that should be not possible use .txt format The text – please no previous formating except plant names as quercus sp.

Footnotes: are to be avoided. exception case: additional text – no references

References: quoted in brackets, Author year, page: e. g. Schlichtherle 2006, 166 ff. At the end of the text an appendix containing the literature list must be included.

Structure: For longer texts a partition into smaller chapters is suggested.

Literature list: We try to keep a uniform appearance of the literature list. Therefore we ask you to use the guidlines of the “Römisch-Germanische Kommision/ Mainz of 1991 and 1992, e. g.: Suter 1987: P. Suter, Zürich “Kleiner Hafner”. Tauchgrabungen 1981-1984. Ber. Züricher Denkmalpfl. Monographien 3 (Zürich 1987).

No Capitals performed by Caps Lock key.

Authors first name has to be placed abbreviated in front of the familiy name e. g. H. Schlichtherle.

Punctuation: every full stop is followed by a blank, also with expressions like e. g., etc. and others. Please keep to this, because correction causes a lot of work!

French or Italian texts follow their own punctuation.

Figures :

Solution of figures: colour pictures and monocrome raster pictures 300 dpi based on the intended print dimension; line drawings 600 dpi

Scales: should be included in the figure in order to make it possible to scale the figure to type area space.

Photographs: Black and white or coulored pictures are fine. They should show good contrast and be as large as the wanted size of the figure, or slightly larger.

Copyright: for the sake of copyright reasons we need Name of the author and if available the organization.

Tables: excel or open office format; pdf. width is limited by the type area

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